Gina specialises in rehabilitation - aiming to help you overcome challenges to your level of activity resulting from injury or illness.

Home visits

Gina carries out home visits in order to offer a programme of exercises you can incorporate into your daily life and to assist where travel is difficult.

Visits include

  • A full professional assessment of your problem and needs
  • Carrying out a prescribed exercise programme
  • Provision of a copy of Home Exercises to continue with
  • Advice and support to you (and your carers as appropriate)
  • Liaison with your GP and other services as needed

Examples of conditions treated;

  • Post hip or knee replacement
  • Post general surgery
  • Falls Prevention
  • Balance exercises
  • Stroke
  • Head Injury
  • Parkinsons disease


Gina has a Special Interest in providing Physiotherapy for adolescents with Scoliosis; following an 8 step exercise programme to help stretch and strengthen altered muscle patterns.

Results will depend on the degree of Scoliosis and level of bone maturity of the individual. The programme aims where possible to prevent further progression of the spinal curves and, in suitable cases, to reverse the curves. The exercises may also be helpful in Pain management.

Please contact Gina to discuss individual cases and to make an appointment.

Cost of Physiotherapy

£70 Initial visit, £60 follow up (Plus travel outside Fordingbridge area)

1:1s in Stuckton, Fordingbridge £50 initial assessment, follow ups £40