MINDFULNESS Enhanced Equitation

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Mindfulness Enhanced Equitation 

With more and more sports recognising the Psychological benefits of Mindfulness the best thing you can practice is being 'in the moment'. 

  • Stay calm, confident, relaxed and more focused when you ride and around your horse/s
  • Improve your relationship and communication with your horse/s
  • Experience better ‘flow’/ be 'in the Zone' ; a state now widely linked to enhanced performance / better results in sports
  • Avoid distractions upsetting you
  • Develop 'feel' and refine your aids through heightened body awareness; sensing small changes in muscle tension, breathing patterns and posture
  • Increase your enjoyment of your riding whether hacking / schooling or competing 
  • Feel more contented and satisfied with your progress
  • Feel you have more time, space and energy in your day 

Horses have an amazing level of perception of our emotions. Our actions around them will be linked to our state of mind. Too often if we are 'living in our heads' we can suffer from over-thinking, anxiety, stress, trying too hard, excessive self criticism and mental states which hinder our communication and harmony with our horse/s. 
Mindfulness practice can help us to be more 'in the moment', working quietly with our horses; giving us the skills and composure to sit on our horses more centred both physically and mentally. 
Mindfulness helps improve body language and awareness. It also helps us to accept how things are and to respond wisely when things get difficult. By being more present, responding more wisely and becoming more appreciative we can start to develop a confident and positive attitude enabling us to fulfill our dreams and goals while enjoying the journey. 
This life changing six week course is suitable for riders of all levels and disciplines.

Special offer of only £90!   25%off  (RRP £120)

This is a weekly course starting on Monday 15th February  7.30-9pm on Zoom running for six weeks.

To book your place, please email [email protected] or call / message 07743 336258 

Places will be limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

Thank you.

Gina trained at the world renowned Oxford Mindfulness Centre and adheres to the UK Network Good Practice Guidelines for teaching Mindfulness Based Courses. She has 30 years experience as a registered (Health Care Professions Council) therapist both clinically and with Equestrians. 


  • It would be hard to overstate the benefits of this course. If you are habitually stressed, anxious, or suffer from past trauma this offers a genuine chance of improvement. Gina studied with the wonderful Prof Mark Williams and his team at Oxford Uni. This is the real deal! Sue
  • Thank you for getting me interested in Mindfulness and for the gentle and encouraging way you conducted the course. I have definitely benefitted from it and it has had a profound effect on me. Rob
  •  I just wanted to email to say how much I enjoyed the course and thank you for all the help and guidance that you have provided over the weeks.
  • I found it fascinating and have learnt so much that is helping me daily with times of stress both with the horses and at work! Emma
  • This is really just to say how impressed I was with your Mindfulness course. I have learned loads - and, I suspect, will go on learning. I am a lot more present and focused when riding a Dressage Test. Alex H
  • What a day! And no fear. Just been discussing that I'm so much calmer after the mindfulness course. I can now ride my horse without fear of catastrophe around every corner - I really wasn't expecting anything like this as a result of the mindfulness course. Such a difference. And thank you so so much for helping me achieve this đŸ˜˜ xx Liz  
  • I cant believe how much I'm enjoying my riding now both out hacking and in the School. Thank You Gina. Margaret