Equipilates - Pilates for Horse Riders; be the rider your horse will enjoy! 

Private Equipilates sessions. £50                         C217DE55-12EC-4E50-85F8-0DCEB2E26297

  • Dismounted;  includes a full biomechanical assessment resulting in tailored exercises to improve your suppleness, straightness, posture, breathing patterns and stability / balance. Exercises using your saddle on a saddle horse is included.
  • Mounted; a lesson on your own horse to integrate alignment, breath flow and core sense, and through appropriate exercises to enable your horse to improve his suppleness and way of going.

Group lesson

  • up to six people; £60 an hour for the group.

Six week Equipilates Fundamentals course 

  • a full dismounted package including exercises for alignment, breathing, core strength, spinal and pelvic mobility.  maximum of six people. 
    £72 each.


  • ideal for riding and pony clubs; introducing the concepts of body biomechanics, the ABC principles on a saddle horse as well as a few fun seated releases for tight muscles!



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For more info on Equipilates visit   www.equipilates.com


Therapeutic Riding;

Gina is a fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapist in Therapeutic Riding and is available to individuals and RDA groups.